Sports Stadium

Over the years the translucent sheets overhanging football and sports stadiums become more and more opaque due to airborne dirt, grit, bird droppings etc…. Eventually the sun can no longer penetrate through the sheets with the inevitable result that the grass on the pitch/stadium floor suffers and eventually dies

If this is not a critical problem for your stadium now, it will be in a year or two’s time.

examples of light levels in football stadiums

The solution is of course to clean the translucent sheets; a simple idea but how to go about it as the sheets are too fragile to walk on? To this end I have designed a custom built pressure washing vehicle that has a very low profile which I can guide with ropes across the top of the canopy

The early results are excellent and I have successfully cleaned all the overhead translucent sheeting at Ewood Park home of Blackburn Rovers Football Club.

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