See the immediate effect of a good power wash and clean by Grimebusters UK Ltd on this part finished roof

Over the years your roof gets overgrown with moss and litchen and it looses the waterproof glaze that once protected it.

Normally the next step would be to have a new roof which is a very expensive job.

I have worked with roofs for over 35 years and have researched how to make them last longer than the average 20 – 30 years ( the expected life of an average roof tile)

Having your roof treated by Grimebusters UK will provide the following benefit

  • Visually – a new roof
  • Resistance to weathering
  • Protects against fungi. moss and litchens
  • All drainage improved incl roof, gutters, pipes etc.
  • Increases the life of roof tiles
  • Colour blends patched roof and extensions
  • Protects against frost damage
  • Reduces stress on timbers
  • Less internal condensation
We can also clean your driveway, conservatory or patio, you’ll be amazed at the difference after using our services.

For a quote or for further information please get in touch.