Football Stadiums

On top of Ewood Park Stadium, home of Blackburn Rovers

Cleaning the translucent sheets at Blackburn Rovers

A bespoke machine specially designed to clean the plastic sheeting overhanging sports stadiums

Power washing and cleaning the steel stadium supports

At work in the cherry picker

Using Cherry Picker

Heights no problem for Grimebusters UK Ltd

The cleaned translucent heets

After treatment the overhanging screens are truly transparent letting through the life giving sunlight to the grass below

Buckle Up; preparing for working at heights at Blackburn Rovers Football Stadium at Ewood Park

Health & Safety is a prime consideration for Grimebusters UK Ltd and we are fully trained and qualified for working at heights, such as on Football Stadiums

Removing the debris from the top of the football stadium

Another big priority for Grimebusters UK is cleanliness and any debris is always removed off site

Before and after effect example

This photo shows just how much difference we can make at any level

Packing up after a hard days work on the top of Blackburn Rovers Football Stadium

Stuart leaving the job after another good day”s work

See the stadium page for more details.

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